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Innovation & Change-Management

What distinguishes the best from the rest? A first-class innovation system that follows a strategy, is implemented uniformly and is adaptable enough to produce success in series through a continuous innovation journey.

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Business Development

Quintaernum supports in the area of business development and strategy consulting based on its know-how. In doing so, confidentiality as well as absolute seriousness in the assessment of international market opportunities and risks are given top priority.


Sustainable soil compaction.​ with Underbold


As experts and advisors to the European Parliament in the fields of renewable energies and sustainability, we and our partner companies have launched a new, unique additive for the resource-saving and ecologically sustainable compaction of floor surfaces and building substrates.

innovation and change-management

B-D-I Business Data Insights

What distinguishes the best from the rest? A first-class innovation system, which, supported by Big Data and artificial intelligence, pursues a strategy, is implemented uniformly and is adaptable enough to enable a continuous innovation journey in series to be successful.

Company Profile

Quintaernum as a business development company, based in the Rhein Main area, near Frankfurt am Main, has the claim to provide our customers with comprehensive advice and contacts to high-ranking persons in different business areas. We mediate for our clients directly with high-ranking decision-makers worldwide in order to strengthen their business and activities sustainably.

Quintaernum offers a wide range of competencies, tools, and approaches that help companies develop innovation on the right scale. This enables our clients to continuously achieve outstanding results through product, service, process and business model innovation. While most companies know that innovation is important, they are not able to apply this knowledge appropriately. In a recent global survey, 84% of managers surveyed said that innovation played an extremely important role in their growth strategies. At the same time, 94% were dissatisfied with their innovation performance. We offer our clients creativity and accurate analysis and help them to produce better innovations. Four conditions must be met to grow at the right scale: a clear strategy, a strong pipeline of profitable innovations, intelligent, fast and consistent execution, and a capable and flexible organization. Among other individually developed tools we use. In addition, we have developed a comprehensive questionnaire that focuses on strategic direction, strategic planning and improvement of strategic decisions.

We help companies to select the right competitive fields and support them in designing and Implementing the appropriate strategies to exploit the corresponding growth potential. Our analysis of more than 750 companies around the world has shown that market share development explains only 20% of why some companies grow more successfully than others. This suggests that, in addition to their traditional focus on strategic implementation and market share expansion, executives should pay more attention to the areas in which the company is active and where it should be active. Using exclusive tools and databases, we enable our clients to have a more individual view of the markets and support them in developing a more detailed or granular view of trends, future growth rates and market structures. These tools include the Growth Decomposition Tool, the Granular Growth Database and the Going Global Diagnostic Survey.

Where we operate

Our strictly confidential business network extends worldwide. This enables us to bring our customers together with the right and important decision makers and to accompany them.

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Brussels
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Doha
  • Shanghai
  • Hong Kong
  • Beijing
  • Shaoxing
  • Su Qian
  • Dallas
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  • Houston


A new hydraulic additive for resource-saving and ecologically sustainable compaction of floor surfaces and building substrates.


Business Data insights and deeper knowledge through a qualitative approach. A Systems based on Cutting edge technologies, Big Data and artificial intelligence.

Core Industries

Quintaernum's experts continuously monitor market developments and develop customized business development strategies. This includes both the procurement of valuable business contacts up to the highest levels of economy and politics, the identification of the economically strongest locations and the provision of detailed market and trend studies. Economic and political as well as cultural and legal particularities are taken into account. ​

Advising on the financing, planning, management and delivery of large scale capital projects and infrastructure

Around the world, we help our clients plan, finance, manage and deliver large scale capital projects and infrastructure. Combining engineering, technology, sector and finance expertise, our teams work with companies throughout the full lifecycle of a capital project. Our clients are from both the public and private sector and include investors, contractors, owners, shareholders and users.

Governments around the world face many complex issues and are constantly challenged to deliver public services in the most efficient way. We combine our domestic and global expertise to solve complex business issues and deliver innovative solutions.

Our government and public services practice focuses on providing audit and consulting services to local, national, regional and global government entities. We work together with our clients, looking for practical, workable and innovative solutions that make a difference in solving the pressing challenges that are being faced every day across a range of areas in the public domain, including education, defense and security, digital government, international development, local government and public finance.

Manufacturing has come a long way in just a few short years but should focus on being even more resilient moving forward. Quintaernum is helping businesses to evolve and thrive in a changing world, where disruptive technologies and talent challenges are taking center stage. Quintaernum’s Industrial manufacturing practice provides guidance in such areas as revenue growth, margins, inventory, costs, investment trends, M&A, product lifecycle management solutions, customer relationship management, sales and operations, integrated business planning, and service-oriented architecture technologies.

Together with our customers we make the world a better place. Through new sustainable technologies, we enable climate sustainable solutions for urban expansion and projects.

Quintaernum advises and evaluates its clients in the field of venture capital and supports them within the processes of due diligence and detailed preparation of negotiations.

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