Innovative strategies for success.

Quintaernum, a consulting company and innovation driver based in Frankfurt. Together with our partners, we create global market entries for innovative and disrutpive solutions.


Navigating the complexities of the modern world.

We bring together the challenges of industry with new technologies for the area of CO2 reduction and sustainable systems and thus create solutions that can be established worldwide.

The starting point for the development of new systems and services are always promising models, which use already proven technologies and can be easily implemented in existing infrastructures. Therefore, we are always looking for partners who tell us about their challenges and ideas and have the courage to create something new together. Quintaernum offers a wide range of competencies, tools, and approaches that help companies develop innovation on the right scale. This enables our clients to continuously achieve outstanding results through product, service, process and business model innovation.

As part of the European Horizon initiative, we focus on the core topics of renewable energies, Co2 reduction in core industries and the topic of sustainability, in the creation of infrastructures, to achieve common climate goals.

Our key competences

Our team takes a holistic approach to business consulting, examining all aspects of your operation to identify areas for improvement and growth. We work closely with our clients to understand your unique goals and challenges, and we develop customized solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

We advise companies on the development of new sources and business orientations.

Develop new markets and engage directly with identified key individuals and organizations.

Innovation requires capital. That’s why we support companies with our global network of investors and incubators. Our sources consist of government funds as well as private investors.

Through our gloables network we support our customers in the long term in the procurement of necessary commodities from safe and verified sources.

New markets require new locations, we help our customers to acquire the right real estate or building land for a successful market launch. We create direct contacts to the local authorities.

Alignment and operation

GROW & OSCAR Consulting Model

The objective of the grow and oscar model is to identify clients growth zone and help them take advantage of the most appealing opportunities. A company whose sales grow slower than GDP is five times more likely to fail, usually through acquisition, than a company that grows faster than GDP. To outperform their competitors and succeed in the long term, companies must achieve growth by competing in the right places, at the right time, and with the right solutions.


Opportunity Evaluation

Analysis of prioritized opportunities


Go-to-Market Strategy

Converting the strategic alternatives into a coherent strategy


Planning & Implementation

Implement specific plans with milestones, goals, responsible parties and deadlines.


Monitoring & Optimization

Optimizing strategies and implementation


Where we operate

clients innovative product


The future for CO2-reducing and sustainable soil compaction for construction and infrastructure projects.

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CO2 Reduction

With Underbold, our customers have achieved a 78% reduction in CO2 compared to conventional methods.

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Cost savings

On average, our customers save 33% in the procurement of raw materials for soil compaction over the entire project period.


Together with our partner we have developed a reliable method for soil compaction that achieves a Co2 reduction of emissions up to 78% in road construction and is 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable. The comparison between the methods shows that the required time for one kilometer of road, with a width of ten meters, could be reduced down to two days.

For more important KPIs and benefits of Underbold, visit the product page.

What drives us

„We believe that achieving the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement can only be achieved if the dots between industry and politics are connected with the right know-how.

In doing so, we do not believe that companies should be left alone in information gathering, planning and modeling.

Thus, on the one hand, we solve the congestion at companies and provide for a future efficient and regenerative energy use for an international competitiveness.“

Steven Redeker

Founder, CEO & Chairman

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