Company Profile

Creating sustainability together

We bring together the challenges of industry with new technologies for the area of CO2 reduction and sustainable systems and thus create solutions that can be established worldwide.

Founded in 2019, Quintaernum’s goal was to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from businesses in the construction industry. We have worked on many projects over the years, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon. Our goal for the next ten years is to reduce Co2 emissions in the construction industry sustainably, through ecological materials and transformations. The transformation of the construction industry is closely related to our mission to make one of the top five responsible industries more climate friendly and create a prosperous future for all humanity.

Interest in renewable energy has grown steadily over the past decades, as have the efforts of many countries and companies to achieve climate goals for a better future. Solar farms and wind farms are a common sight in the new landscapes outside our cities, and yet environmentally harmful methods, such as the use of chemical antifreeze, are still used to build and prepare these plants!

Environmental researchers have already pointed out the serious consequences for forestry and agriculture of the use of antifreeze and rock and gravel fortifications. Waterlogging in forestry and agricultural mixed areas, which lead to crop failures and weakened roots of tree stands.

We have taken up this challenge and together with our researchers and engineers we have developed a 100% ecological alternative to soil compaction. This solution is based on kerosene and waxes and is at the same time water repellent due to its characteristics. In this way, we will be able to design the infrastructures of the future in a sustainable and ecological way, in order to achieve the objectives set for the preservation of the earth even more effectively.

Our Approach

Is to create incentives for governments and companies to push the idea of sustainability even further. To identify and address the challenges of sustainability and climate change together with our partners and customers.
Our core focus is on the industries that are responsible for the highest CO2 emissions. Through direct communication with political entities and associations, we create sustainable added value and solutions for our clients!