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Nationalism and protectionism are on the rise, and growth in emerging markets is developing differently. But international business is anything but down: The basic rules of globalization are being redefined – and the pace is accelerating.

We have undertaken specialisation for key sectors, industrial and growth markets and for medium-sized companies.

With the knowledge for essential sectors, our specialist expertise delivers added value – and consulting that understands your daily business.

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Profitable growth is still the top topic on the CEO agenda. With sometimes aggressive growth strategies, corporate leaders are trying to respond to the disruptive forces and structural changes (e.g. digitization, regulation, sector convergence). However, successful and sustainable implementation of growth targets is challenging and many companies fail to achieve this goal.

Core values

We have been able to identify the following causes in our work with our clients:

  • Unrealistic goals that no strategy can meet in advance
  • Misjudgement of the supposedly existing implementation competence
  • Non-coordinated and disunited management team
  • Lack of stakeholder support
  • Lack of innovative ability in changing markets and customer needs

Our approach to developing, planning and implementing realistic growth targets answers the following questions, among others:

  • How can new and profitable revenue sources be developed?
  • How can changing business models be adapted and made usable for the own customer base?
  • How can markets and customer segments be developed in a short time?
  • How can innovation lead to new revenue potentials that are subsequently marketed profitably?
  • How can new customers be acquired and customer loyalty increased?


As Quintaernum’s strategy consultants, we first identify and quantify various growth options together with our clients as a platform for future corporate growth. In a next step, these options are prioritized and brought to a decision before a corresponding implementation plan is developed and implemented.

This approach is based on our proven “9 Levers of Value” approach, which ensures the holistic nature and feasibility of the growth strategy. For our clients this means. Linking of all corporate dimensions and increased cooperation within the corporate organization. Increased transparency and increased knowledge about the own company, so that target-oriented and scalable investment decisions can be made. Various growth opportunities through a broad and diversified portfolio of growth options reduce the entrepreneurial risk – if one option fails to meet the targets, the growth platform remains robust overall.


Basis for a realistic implementation plan, considering the necessary resources and competencies as well as the required time frame:

Navigating business challenges together.