B-D-I System

The 360° B2B Solution 

A first-class innovation system that is based on cutting edge technologies, Big Data and artificial intelligence. B-D-I is implemented uniformly and is so adaptable that a continuous innovation journey can be created in series.

Business Data Insights

Basics and Benefits

The Business Data Insights System (B-D-I), Quintaernum developed, is based on current cutting-edge technologies, consisting of artificial intelligence combined with algorithm-controlled big data analysis for capturing significant B2B data. The system is used for the evaluation of internal, global data pools and qualifies them during processing. This results in new fundamental and fact-based insights for our customers, which are applied in the areas of sales, marketing, product development and business development. 

Through the targeted analyses we can develop sustainable and promising strategies together with our customers.
The Proof of Concept (PoC) has shown that sales and marketing departments are particularly sustainably supported. Strategy and campaign monitoring enables us to create and subsequently evaluate the necessary transparency with regard to the specified key performance index figures. The result is a strong increase in efficiency in strategy implementation and optimization of internal processes.Through our reports and visual presentations, our customers receive all important key figures and analyses in a clear and easily understandable way. To ensure the continuous development of our clients, we write comprehensive recommendations for action in order to improve campaigns and strategies for sustainable success.

Sales Departments

B-D-I provides significant insights into new and existing customers and their interest in services and products. The system automatically identifies the right contact persons in the customer companies and provides the required contact data of the contact persons. In parallel, a company organization chart is created to identify the right contact persons for additional services and products.

Marketing Departments

B-D-I assists marketing departments through targeted campaign monitoring and evaluates Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL). The system enables the departments to analyse and gather important key figures, which enables them to evaluate strengths and weaknesses within their campaigns or communication. B-D-I can be adapted and aligned flexibly to the set campaigns and company goals.


Structuring and classification of client site, quantitative data streams. _


Evaluation of the classified data and automated information retrieval.


Of communication strategies and channels of companies used by them.


Of company and customer communication, for management and marketing departments.


We supply our clients with data driven insights of various sources:

  • We provide B2B data
    • Business Contact details
    • Mobile, e-mail, LinkedIn, and more
  • Target Group selection
  • Mapping the organizations including contact details of
    • Customers
    • Competitors
    • Targets
    • Prospects
  • Who is who and where in the organizations to find, what role/what power
  • 360 View from B2B visitors on your homepage (GDPR compliant)
    • Which companies convert from channels to your website?
    • What are they interested in?
    • B2B campaign monitoring


The B-D-I system (Business Data Insights) was developed to support our customers in their communication and corporate strategy through targeted AI-based data analysis. The system consists of four key components that enable us to identify and analyze potential company, industry and competitive insights. We achieve this by quantifying, qualifying and analyzing so-called data lakes within the client companies and on a global level.

Therefore, the B-D-I system proves to be more than just a mere support for sales and marketing departments. Based on our proof of concept, the system is therefore divided into the four main areas of application.

Market Entry Strategy

In the area of Market Entry Strategy (M-E-S), the B-D-I supports companies in the market development phase as well as in market entry phases. Through targeted industry and competition analyses and insights, from global data lakes, we can develop sustainable and sustainable strategies together with our customers.The qualified data can be used to draw conclusions about customer loyalty and customer needs and to create competitive advantages, which will lead to the avoidance of false investments and a better market positioning.


Sales Data Insights. Provides our customers with qualified B2B data and enable them to directly address the decision makers at their customers.


Marketing Data Insights. 360° overview of marketing channels. Quantification of marketing qualified leads, who is interested in which services and is the best person to contact.


Consumer and Strategic Insights. Helping companies to find answers. We analyze behaviors to provide our clients with key insights into product strengths and weaknesses during development.


Market Entry Strategy. Strategic concepts and data about your customers, competitors and industry. Understand customer needs, identify direct target groups and establish a strong market position in advance.


The B-D-I system (Business Data Insights) in order to guarantee our customers the greatest possible benefit, our customers can switch between the S-D-I and M-D-I modules every month at the same cost. Thus, smaller projects can be carried out conveniently through a runtime.

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